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  • Initial Setup

    Q: What is the timeline for creating a new map?

    We ensure a 5-business day turn-around time from the time we have both payment and a map file.

    Q: What file formats do you accept?

    While we prefer vector (.pdf, .ai, dwg), we can work with almost any file format. And seriously - we've worked with everything from phone-camera pictures of a fire-escape plan to a drawing on a napkin.

    Q: How proficient do I need to be with computers?

    If you can use microsoft office and navigate a web browser, you can use our software.  There are no special skills or training necessary.

    Q: Is this something I do online? Or is there additional software I will need to buy?

    The entire system is web-based and you'll use a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) to manage the floorplan and your information.

  • Features & Pricing

    Q: Are there any hidden fees?

    No. All of our fees are one-time.  Nothing hidden and no per-transaction costs associated with using our service. Learn more on our pricing page.  The only fee you may encounter is if you need 30 minutes or more of edits to your map that you are unable to do yourself.  In this case we charge an hourly rate of $95.

    Q: Can we upsell the expanded exhibitor profiles to our exhibitors?

    Absolutely.  That's the hope.  We built it not only to expand what you can offer to exhibitors but also as a potential revenue generator for you.

    Q: If we buy a map for this year's convention (show, expo, etc.), will we have to buy it again next year?

    Yes.  Our pricing is based per-show.

    Q: Will we have to pay extra for additional features as they are added or become available?

    No.  We do keep updates bundled with individual tiers, but as we make updates to the existing tiers (such as exhibitor plus or registration), the cost does not go up if you've already paid.

    Q: What if I buy in at a lower tier and then want to switch up - is that possible? Or am I locked in?

    If you decide after you've purchased that you'd like to add on another tier, like exhibitor plus or registration, that's not a problem and you'll just be charged the difference.

    Q: How can I pay? When is payment due?

    We accept credit card, check, and money order.  Because our turn-around time is so fast, payment is due immediately.

    Q: If I'm upselling to exhibitors, how do they pay?

    This depends on your setup.  You must use a payment gateway that is used within our system.  But once that is set up, you have the ability to charge them through the booth sales process or by creating and sending invoices directly to them.

  • Website & Apps

    Q: Is it Flash or HTML5?

    Both. The desktop version of the map is Flash. The mobile and tablet versions are HTML5. To keep them synced you just need to publish the mobile map after you've made layout changes.

    Q: Is my device supported? I have a (fill in the blank).

    We support every modern web browser and every smart phone or tablet that has a web browser.

    Q: What happens if my show starts and your servers crash or my attendees can't access their map online? What is your uptime/downtime record?

    We have an excellent record.  The longest we've ever been down in one sitting is ~2 hours.  Our uptime is 99.8% and our software is hosted with Rackspace.

  • Training & Support

    Q: Do I receive training on how to use the app?

    Yes. Our training is catered to your specific needs. When we hand over a map we offer a short set of videos to get you started and then any additional training needed can be requested.

    Q: What about ongoing support? If I have questions, can I call?

    Absolutely. You can call or email us anytime and we'll be more than happy to assist. We do not outsource our help and so you'll get a response from either the support manager or your account manager.

    Q: How much one-on-one support can I expect?

    If you call in or email, you'll only get one-on-one support.  We are dedicated to your show and our product and we don't outsource any of that process to a third party or really, anyone outside our office in Athens, GA.

    Q: I prefer to communicate via email, can you accommodate me?

    Absolutely.  We are a web company and are quite accustomed to helping our clients via email.

    Q: I prefer to communicate over the phone, can you accommodate me?

    Absolutely.  While we prefer email (easier to get things in writing), nothing beats a quick call to get something done.  We're available between 9:30am and 5:00pm, EST.  After hours support is available by email.

    Q: I don't want to talk to anyone. Can you accommodate me?

    Ha!  We don't know sign language and we don't have an auto-responding robot (yet) but who knows what the future holds.

    Q: What kind of support do you offer my exhibitors?

    We do not, as a policy, directly support your exhibitors.  We have over 120,000 exhibitors in our system and that would simply overwhelm us.  However, we do get the occasional call for help from exhibitors and we absolutely will do what we can to point them in the right direction.

    Telling someone "I don't know" and not doing anything further makes both of us look bad.  We'll do what we can to make sure the entire experience is good.