We bundle our features into tiers to make it easier and more affordable to tailor our product and service to the type of event you're looking to put on.

Every package includes our Core Features tier and expands on this base set of functionality

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Core Features

Interactive Floorplan
Content Expansion
Online Booth Sales
Marketplace Expansion
Mobile Event App

Event Dashboard

This is the landing page for the event. Use it to greet your attendees, communicate key information points, link to external resources, and promote your sponsors.

Sponsors Promotion

Event Home Base gives your sponsors the opportunity to the seen and with media-rich vendor profiles, opportunities to educate and engage with attendees about their offerings.

Marketplace and Vendor Profiles

Build out a marketplace of participating vendors with information-rich profiles. Connect your vendors to attendees, sessions, speakers, and more. Easy to navigate, search, and bookmark.

Attendee Profiles

Make it easy for other attendees to learn about and connect with everyone that's attending the event.

Attendee Sign up and Login

Allow attendees to create a login and fill out their attendee profile. Signups use email verification to protect from spam entries.

Security & Access Controls

Protect the privacy of your attendees and access to the content of your event with single password sign-ons or attendee account logins.


Bookmarking gives users the option to personalize their experience and better organize the content they're interested in.

Visitor & Attendee Tracking

See in real time the usage and engagement your event has. Print out reports and download raw data for customized reporting needs.

Website Embed

Embed our Event Home Base platform directly into one or more websites with a simple copy and paste interface. Include every section or piece it out across difference pages on your website.

Event API

Use our event API to integrate with your own custom systems or provide access to your data to designated 3rd party services.

Interactive Floorplan

For tradeshows, festivals, conferences, and any event with a vendor marketplace use an interactive floorplan to sell booth space, promote vendors, and assist attendees in planning and navigating.

Online Map Editor

We do the initial setup and then give you full control to add, edit, rotate, split, assign, and edit booth information 24/7 through our online map editor.

Booth Snapshots History

Keep a record of the booth layout at any point in your show. An excellent tool to capture a variety of options while you plan the final layout.

Schedule & Session Profiles

Build out a schedule that goes beyond just a list to connect presenters, sponsors, videos, and related resources.

Session Check-Ins

Track attendance for a variety of purposes by turning this feature on for any session where an attendance list is useful.

Speaker Profiles

Create speaker profiles with full bio information. Our system automatically connects their profile to all related sessions, vendors, and discussions they're participating in.

Speakers can manage their content

Give speakers the opportunity to manage their online profile and the profile of any sessions they're connected to.

Integrate Live & Pre-recorded Video

We all have a preferred video provider and often times a library of multimedia. Event Home Base is built to make connecting these services and your content into your event simple.

Discussion Rooms

Ongoing discussions are a great way to provide passive engagement opportunities throughout your conference and get presenters, attendees, and exhibitors all talking to each other.

Moderation Tools

You don't have to be an all-seeing show manager! Designate other attendees as discussion managers, moderators, and bouncers to keep the conversation on track.

Expanded Attendee Access Controls

You can provide attendees control over a suite of features including: editing their own profile, chatting with vendors, participating in discussions, and posting new discussion topics.

Personalized Attendee Programs

Once logged in, event attendees can bookmark any item within the schedule to create their own, customized lineup! They can also mark exhibitors, attendees, and speakers as favorites to create an interest list.

Booth Assignments Audit

This tool helps you see at-a-glance current exhibitor assignments and review against their original booth purchase history.

Floorplan Booth Sales

Buying booth space at your event will be a breeze for your exhibitors. Extensive flexibility allows you to customize the process with your payment gateway and checkout scenario, plus the sale of additional services, add-ons, and up-sells.

Auto, Quantity, & Code Discounts

Customize discounts during vendor booth purchases in the following ways: quantity discounts, code discounts (provide certain users a code), or automatic discounts triggered when prerequisites are fulfilled.

Orders & Invoices Manager

View a full list of orders, open orders, and abandoned/pending orders. Create new or edit existing orders. Plus, view at-a-glance sales statistics!

User-Role Based Restrictions

Restrict which booth purchasing and expansion options are available to users by assigning roles such as member, sponsor, etc.

Payment Invoicing

Create and edit invoices, send and resend invoices for payment, and enter payment online directly.

Sales Reporting

You have the flexibility to create as many custom reports as you'd like using a drag and drop report builder, and choosing from our ever-growing list of reporting modules. Components are built to print, creating beautiful reports!

Upsells and In-Admin Ordering

The options are limitless. You are given the opportunity to sell anything you'd like during the booth sales process. Items like carpet, power, sponsor opportunities, raffle tickets, etc. can be included.

Priority & Reserved Booths

Reserve booths for sponsoring organizations, and create priority booth types that may have a higher price tag based upon size and/or visibility.

Exhibitor Personnel

Allow exhibitors to feature their on the ground - literally or virtually! - personnel with a photo, contact information, and more within the exhibitor's marketplace listing.

Exhibitor Products & Services

Exhibitors can provide a list of their products and services with descriptions and the ability to link to resources.

Product & Service Videos

Show instead of tell - videos can often be the best way to demonstrate exhibitor offerings in a more in depth manner.

Exhibitor Photo Galleries

Exhibitors can showcase images of their facility, products and services, brochures, cut sheets, and more in the photo gallery.

Live Chat with Exhibitors

You can increase participation value for all by turning on direct live chat between exhibitors and attendees. Chats are begun through the exhibitor's profile, but all ongoing chats can be accessed from any page of Event Home Base.

Exhibitors Can Manage Their Content

Save time and increase accuracy by allowing exhibitors to enter their own information - from the basics to personnel to videos!

Attendee Tracking Reports per Exhibitors

Show managers can see visitor views per exhibitor profile, and further break down tracking by desktop floor plan versus mobile app.

Branded, Native Event App

You can have an event platform that provides the same experience for ALL of your events year to year! It provides convenience for you and your attendees in addition to reducing costs and streamlining event promotion and access.

Mobile Navigation Manager

You have control over the functionality provided to users on the mobile app. Add, hide, change, or re-arrange the navigation. Change icons and labels. Add custom-content pages or links. Build pages but publish only when you're ready.

Push Notifications

Directly message all users that have downloaded your event app via iTunes or GooglePlay. Schedule messages to be sent at a set time or send immediately from the event floor!

Live Polls

Engage event attendees and speakers by using live polls during sessions. Ask a question that polls the participants. The results can be shared by the presenter immediately!

Interactive Location Lists

A great tool for creating in-person location guides with descriptions, photos, maps, links, and downloads. Ideal for dine-arounds, tour of homes, venue property tours, and events with different meetup locations.

Staff & Resources Help Center

Finding the right person or information when you're at an event is even easier with the mobile app help center. List your staff, links, and related documents and group them by user role.

Custom Content Pages

Anything that doesn't fit into an already built section can be easily added using our custom content page editor. Create pages for contest drawings, anchor sponsor promotion, hotel information, and so much more.