What do you do?

If you're an event manager, Map Dynamics gives you control over your floorplans and event information.

You can manage your floorplan and exhibitors, sell booths and services directly from the map, incorporate content into any number of websites, and have your own custom app that is always up-to-date.

Am I too small? Am I too big?

Most likely not. Our smallest event is 7 booths and our largest event is ~1500

100 events under 25 booths
400+ events under 50 booths
200+ events with 250+ booths

Why use an interactive map?

Decisions get made faster.

The ability to update your maps instantly and give 24/7 Worldwide access means up-to-date information for decision makers at the time a decision is being made.

Greater visibility of facility, exhibitor, and sponsor information.

More visibility means better promotion for exhibitors and better preparedness for attendees.

Automation and self-service for your exhibitors.

If selling booths online, tailor the process the way you want and then let your exhibitors do the work of selecting booths and submitting payments. If using our exhibitor login system, give your exhibitors the task of completing their profile.

What does it cost?

Our base package is $750 and our entire suite of tools for 1 event, including the app, is $2,610.

Our pricing is completely upfront and transparent. There are no hidden, monthly, per-transaction, or pain-in-the-ass fees.

How quickly will you build my map?

Give us a map file in whatever format you have, we will turn it around in less than 5 business days.

Have questions or interested in getting started? Let's talk!