"it makes selling and managing booths so much easier"

Vanessa Leeds

Hi Events, Australia

"I really just wanted to let you know Iíve been finding it a real pleasure and joy to work with the Map-Dynamics platform!"

Alethia Vitray

Expo Planner - Healthcare Seminar Associates

"The software is really user friendly"

Mary Hurley

Event Producer - Network Events, Inc.

"The support of our vendors and partners allow us to put these events together, so again, thank you. I hope you have enjoyed this year's Virtual A-Day! The platform is amazing and so easy to use. :)"

Alyssa Meek, CMP

Events Manager - Dallas Fort Worth Association Executives

"I really just wanted to let you know I've been finding it a real pleasure and joy to work with the Map-Dynamics platform! I know I'm not yet using many of the available features, but what I need to find or do at this point, is easily found and do-able AND the interface is visually pleasing. Every once in a while, I attempt to do something new and in the course of looking, I find the right place, and often learn other things that are possible."

Alethia Vitray

Expo Planner - Healthcare Seminar Associates

"I am really excited about this. The staff met with me this morning and we all LOVE the platform. People are already filling out their booths."

Lisa Veregge, CAE

Executive Director - Maine Insurance Agents Association

"I've done a number of these for other State Conventions and this was the easiest by far. I was really looking forward to the event this year, you and your team do a great job."

Platform Evangelist

Exhibitor - Maine Independent Insurance Association

"There's no better place to showcase your company and legal practice products than the Law Practice Today Expo! This year is fully virtual, and Map Dynamics has made it easier than ever."

Marsha S. Watson

Executive Director - Knoxville Bar Association

"As an event planner doing this virtual thing for the very first time, it was so reassuring to know that you didn't have to wait for days to get an answer [from the Map Dynamics support team]"
"The license is working out great! Our team members are really enjoying the platform, and they are getting our clients and their members excited about using it. We can't wait to help bring our clients' virtual meetings to life, and we appreciate our partnership with Map Dynamics, as well as the expertise of your amazing team!"

Andrew Cronin Finn, MSc, MBA, CAE

Vice President - McKenna Management, Inc. | NESAE

"I appreciate how easy it all turned out working with you, and I will recommend HARDI reach out again next year to work with you on the 2021 December event."

Eileen Mantel

Networking & Conferences Mgr. - HARDI

"Map Dynamics Home Base software is easy to use for admin and attendees. It made the transition to virtual almost painless and, more importantly, has made our sponsors and attendees happy."
"Map Dynamics' Home Base software has been a life-saver! It has wrangled our 90 speakers and 60+ sessions into an organized, user-friendly, interactive site that potential attendees can easily peruse. Home Base helped us put profile controls into the hands of our speakers, exhibitors, and attendees, which has saved us countless hours of manual updates. They have made our pivot to virtual very easy."

Michelle Jacobi

CAE - Kentucky Library Association (KLA)

"It's been my pleasure to work with you these past two years. Thanks for all your help in using Map Dynamics, which has really enhanced our exhibition sales and marketing efforts."

Sue Anderson

U.S. Society on Dams

"I want you to know, although we've only used the app for a few meetings, it has been awesome! We hosted the New England Bar Meeting and all the Executive Directors were asking me about it. ... I was renewing our contract and thought I would just write and say thanks for making us look so techie!"

Joanne Hinnendael

Director of Professional Development and Member Services - New Hampshire Bar Association

"Map Dynamics has been a great tool for my trade show. Chris Sikes has been amazing to work with- he has guided us through with training and helping us with solutions over the last few months. He responds quickly and always follows through on our questions and his customer service has been exceptional!"

Mary Lou Burton

Owner - Hemp & CBD Connex Conference

"I worked at Map Dynamics for 3 years. After leaving to start my own event management company, Map D was the first partnership I formed. They are as trustworthy as a company can be, and I look forward to a successful, long-term relationship."

Aaron Campbell

CEO/Founder - Wendigo Event Solutions

"As the show owner, producer and promoter of the Pittsburgh Business Show, I can not say enough about the entire team at Map-Dynamics. We have been using their system for the past 3 years and I do not know how I would ever run my shows with out it! I actually wouldn't!!! It has everything that you need to simplify the purchasing process as well as be creative for exhibitors and allows me to manipulate the show map to grow and be creative in real time for additional events, special sponsor requests and any other unexpected map changes in minutes. Working with my designer and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center has been such an easy process and I believe it because of the technology that Map-Dynamics has created. My exhibitors and sponsors love how easy it is to register their booth, pay their invoices and update their information! Thank you Chris Sikes and the entire team at Map-Dynamics. I am looking forward to a long standing relationship and hope to grow with you for many years to come! Well Done!"

Linda Jo Thornberg

President - Pittsburgh Business Show

"Best customer service ever. Quick, thorough, professional and friendly. Thank you all."

Trevor Noel

President - Wander Unlimited Creative Agency

"We are plugging along and the software is working great so far. Our members have had nothing but positive comments on how easy it is to use."

Theresa Kennedy

Member Services & Event Director - Huntsville Madison County Builders Association

"The app is awesome. I love the ease of use and how I can make changes on the fly....Especially being able to make my own buttons is great. I'll be curious to see how my attendees like it. You know civil engineers... they don't like anything."

Joel Peacock

Director of Operations - Georgia Association of Water Professionals

"Map Dynamics is a fabulous product! I would never plan an exhibit floor without it."

Susan Cheshire, CAE

Executive Director - Georgia School Nutrition Association

"It's a good thing when you can get the job done while working with people that you like and trust. That's what you get with Map Dynamics!"

Mike Giles

President - Georgia Poultry Federation

"The reason to use Map Dynamics is simple...they aren't a vendor, they are a PARTNER! Whether it's the tradeshow floor plan, your single event app or the multi-event app, 'Map D' wants to create the very best product to help their clients manage events better. I've referred dozens of associations to Map Dynamics over the last several years, and every one has told me that the investment was one of the very best decisions they've made."

Russ Webb

Executive Director - Bay Area Apartment Association

"This morning during our set up for the weekend event, we had several changes we needed to make on the fly and move some exhibitors.
Your system makes it so easy to edit the floorplan so that our entire team including the sales force back at the office has an accurate and up to date booth inventory.

We do multiple shows per year and the Map Dynamics link is a major asset a useful tool for our many clients, which as you know include leading television stations and NFL teams.
The software is really user friendly so the learning curve was short for our staff. We are not using all the features currently outside of the booth assignment and map functions but look forward to expanding our use to a value-add for our clients. We truly could not sell or manage our events without a fine quality live floor plan system."

Mary Hurley

Event Producer - Network Events, Inc.

"I was blown away by our conference app provided by Map Dynamics! It's really everything I hoped for and more. Our app had the features our members need, but also provided some extra bells and whistles that made it even more valuable. The interactive trade show floor plan and the ability to build individualized schedules made navigating our event's many activities a breeze. From the admin side, a 10 minute tutorial was all it took to get me up and running. Entering and editing information couldn't have been easier. I highly recommend Map Dynamics and their products. From the product itself, to the user experience, and the people providing customer support, Map Dynamics is #1 in my book"

Sarah Page

Director - Texas Association of CVBs

"You guys are one of my favorite partners for your speed, knowledge of the system and responsiveness!"

Anne-Sophie Whitehead

Conference Director - American Distilling Institute

"We learned about Map Dynamics last year [2016] and tried it for the first time. We were very pleased and are now using it for a second year. It's a great platform for exhibit hall registration and saves a lot of time and manual processes."

Chad Hill

Director of Programs & Sponsorship - The American Institute of Architects, Colorado Chapter

"Map Dynamics is indeed a welcome and needed change for the way we sell booths and handle our awesome exhibitors. With being in our 20th year, we needed a system that would take the guesswork out of exhibitor payments, accounting, floor plan assignments and more! Map Dynamics has helped us sell more booths in a shorter time frame and we will most definitely continue to use them!"

Ta'ron Joyner

Exhibitor Acquisitions Manager - Natural Hair

"Map Dynamics is the best option for our expos. Our clients love the registration process! Data organization and exports are simple and easy. Fast reliable customer support feels like family. The wide variety of tools available for us allow us to grow and still feel well accommodated."

Kyle Michaud

President - Experience Expos

"We've been impressed with the overwhelming response from our exhibitors when we deployed ExpoRep from Map Dynamics. They love the great profiles, the responsive and interactive map and the ease of booking and selecting their stand. As organizers we've loved the stats and metrics and being able to take a labor intensive booking process and automate it end to end, freeing up resource to spend more time taking care of exhibitors and attendees. We didn't know it when we signed up that we couldn't live without it!"

Andrew Charlton

CEO - Hashtag Events

"I would just like to thank Map Dynamics for their services. Their map program is first class, right along with their customer service. I do not know of too many account managers that would answer their phone on Saturday night and provide technical support for an hour, he is awesome. Two things that I love about their Map program: 1. The ability to make changes and to customize booth layout and exhibitor information is remarkable. 2. The finished map that appears and functions on our web page is truly professional. Thank you Map Dynamics."

Sam Stevenson

P4P Expo

"Map Dynamics hosts a simple, comprehensive and straight forward platform for our interactive online floor plan. I can easily make changes and additions at any time; this reduces inaccuracies and presents the most up to date version of our floor plan. All of the functions are very easy to navigate and anyone can learn the system! Thank you for making a user-friendly, cost effective and great product!"

Kristin Lawrence

Exhibit Manager - NJ State League of Municipalities

"I have used Map Dynamics and their ExopRep system for 3 years now and have already started using the system for 2014. This system helps not only my exhibitors but my attendees and members can visit the show all year. The system is very easy to use and affordable, and the team is always responsive to any trouble I have. I highly recommend giving it a try if you have a trade show to plan and don't have an army to help plan it."

Yalonde Tanner

Deputy Director, Conferences and Tradeshows - Georgia Municipal Association

"Map Dynamics is affordable, easy to use and their staff is always responsive and professional. Our online floor plans using Map Dynamics now look great, and making changes and updates has never been easier or quicker. TSAE highly recommends Map Dynamics tools and services for any trade shows and expos."

Ann Rogers Farran

Director of Marketing and Membership - Tallahassee Society of Association Executives

"Map Dynamics is one of the most user friendly systems I have found for floor plan software. The customer service received after signing up goes unmatched by any other systems I have used. Map Dynamics has truly made my job easier as an Exhibit Manager and helps to promote and sell booth space with the interactive floor plan I can deliver to my vendors."

Casey Hiner

Meeting Architect - Kinsley Meetings

"The team at Map Dynamics is a fantastic combination of innovation and client support, providing a product that is as easy to use as it is impressive to look at. The map helps organize our tradeshow in a clear way, allowing exhibitors and attendees alike a preview of the show. Jeremy and his team are so easy and fun to work with! They're great to follow-up and continually ask for ideas/ways to improve their product."

Jane Anne Sutphin

Manager of Membership & Communication - Georgia Society of Association Executives

"This map has been great!! It has saved me so much time over the way we used to do it, I am very happy."

Becky Ravenkamp

Conference Coordinator - Hi Plains No-Till Conference

"We received compliments on the interactive floor plan from at least 100 exhibitors. Probably more. So thank you for an excellent program. We are so happy with it!"

Chez Harper,

Los Angeles Fitness Expo

"It's been a fantastic tool for organizing the show and selling space. Being able to share a 'live' plan internally and with our customers has proven extremely beneficial and has saved us a ton of time."

Greg MacPherson

Canadian Motorsports Expo

"I found the entire process - from the sales interaction to training and utilization of the application to be cost effective and easy to use. SCSAE plans to use the map to continue to market the show to our members and attendees after the event."

Andrea "Andi" Rawl

Executive Director - SCSAE

"I just wanted to let you know that we opened our exhibit space registration on March 10th with 56 available booth space for purchase and we sold out March 31st!!! Everyone loved the new system."

Tiffini Countaway

General Conference Facilities Coordinator - United Pentecostal Church International

"This program works fabulously. Map Dynamics is the only product to use...Period."

Brad Nolan

US Dive Shows

"I absolutely love working with this program, it makes selling and managing booths so much easier. Very easy to use, looks brilliant and your staff are fantastic! Our clients love their new live floor plans too, thank you! Highly recommended."

Vanessa Leeds

Hi Events, Australia

"We've worked with Map Dynamics since 2011 and have been very happy with their product and their customer service. The maps always turn out great, exhibitors love them and it saves us a bunch of time. It's definitely worth the investment. They're always open to new ideas and suggestions which is awesome. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service."

Amy Rodriguez

Conference Director - Affiliate Summit

"This software allows you to access your event floor plan from any device, and make changes to both the layout and exhibitor location with ease, in an instant. Not only that, you can send a link to your floor plan to prospective exhibitors, they can see what spaces are available, and can either reserve a space themselves, or provide you with their top couple location preferences, and then you can control the final plan.

The cost of using this software is minimal, and immediately offset by both the time savings and the ability for vendors to sign up and pay for the event at their leisure (in other words, independently of me). Map Dynamics' customer support is excellent, and I highly recommend you consider this product for your next expo."

Tina Bocheff

Director of Strategic Partnerships - East Bay Rental Housing Association

"We started working with Map Dynamics about 9 months ago. They are great and the system works really well for us. I would recommend it to anyone in our industry."

Geoff Barnett

Sales Manager - Expo and Sampling - Competitor Group Inc.

"Today I trained a new staffer on the map dynamics platform. This reminded me how user friendly the program is. In less then five minutes, my new staff member was updating our floor plan. If you have been in the show business a long time, you understand how important this is. With the map dynamics system, we can quickly respond to our customer's wants and needs. This makes selling a booth to a new exhibitor a breeze."

Laurette Veres

Producer - Bridal Extravaganza Show

"[Map Dynamics] is a user-friendly product that helps create a smoother tradeshow by allowing us to showcase booths sold and update the floorplan based on registrations. It allows our vendors to make better booth selections when registering, as they can view layout changes as well as partner or competitor booth location."

Jennie Nesspor

Manager, Events and Administration - Georgia Association of Convenience Stores

"Thank you for all your help with the 2015 Ohio Tactical Officers Association conference. The vendor show was a large success and the interactive map was a huge part of it."

Sgt. Terry E. Graham

Huron Police Department

"Thank you Map-Dynamics! Your ability to develop solutions to our unique needs has given us a first-class booth sales system! Excellent customer service with an excellent product - we are glad to be working with you!"

Rachel Ellis

Show Manager - Chesapeake Tri-Association

"Your product has been a wonderful asset to our association. As a part time executive director for a small association, this product has saved me so many hours in the registration of our exhibitors for our state convention."

Susie Wiswall

Executive Director - AIA South Dakota