Virtual Event tools built onto a familiar platform

Looking for a way to apply your in-person event experience to address emerging virtual event needs? You've come to the right place.

Virtual Event tools built onto a familiar platform

Looking for a way to apply your in-person event experience to address emerging virtual event needs? You've come to the right place.

Solutions  >  Home Base for Yearly and Virtual Events
Solutions  >  Home Base for Yearly and Virtual Events

We are committed to helping our clients and industry peers transition their events to suit a completely virtual environment while minimizing growing pains.

Pivoting rapidly is not a simple task but we have identified ways to streamline this process by bringing together some of our tried-and-true features while enhancing others to serve your evolving needs.

There is comfort in the familiar and we believe the approach of partnering with outside content providers and within a familiar event format can be a successful approach to hosting events online.

We anticipate the launch of these enhancements by mid-to-late April of 2020 and look forward to our continued service in this space.

Our Event Home Base is a toolset designed to bridge the resources, connections, and experiences organizations have developed in the ever-demanding digital landscape.

Start with a purpose-driven experience for your attendees built around educational sessions, downloadable resources, facilitated discussion, or links to go-at-your-own-pace webinars. Increase the participation and return on the event by utilizing our suite of tools supporting sponsors and vendors to facilitate promotion and connection without having to interrupt a video or block out your screen with ads.

Our approach to virtual: Inclusive and Flexible

Maximize what your event can do by bringing in content from multiple sources and channels. Upload documents, embed video, include links to website, webinars, and live video. Consolidate learning resources into one place and then organize sessions by date, track, or topic.


  • Organize the content in a familiar environment that also leverages revenue opportunities from including sponsors and vendors.
  • Integrate sponsors and vendors into your online event and throughout your content for additional promotion without disruption to the attendee.
  • Give speakers and vendors controlled access to manage their profiles to speed up entry and maximize available content.
  • Embed into any existing website, access directly from one link, from tablets, and mobile devices.

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Included Features

Below are the individual features that make up this solution.

Click on any of them to take a deeper dive: Review feature details, see screen examples, and review some commonly asked questions.

Event Control Panel

You can do a better job when you have full access, and that's what we give you. Keep your show updated to-the-minute by using our web-accessible control panel.

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Schedule & Sessions

A lot going on at your event? Make life easier with a fully-featured schedule of events with detailed session profiles!

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Speakers & Profiles

Provide a way for your attendees to learn about the speakers at your event.

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Vendor Directory & Profiles

Provide a fully searchable, categorize-able (is that a word?) list of your attending exhibitors on desktop and mobile.

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Vendor Logins

Exhibitor Plus! is a powerful revenue-generating feature for you that is simple to implement, easy to manage, and creates greater overall value for the entire event experience.

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Attendee Personalized Programs

Create greater engagement with your attendees by giving them a way to build their own schedule and bookmark points of interest

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Session Feedback

Get real-time feedback from your attendees of the quality individual sessions and speakers.

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Completeness Check

This tool provides a quick way to see which exhibitor profiles are completely filled out, update those individual fields or request input from the Exhibitor directly.

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Email Center

A centralized communication tool that allows you to email all your exhibitors directly from the event control panel.

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Tracking & Analytics

Use our built-in tracking and analytics to see how many people are using the floorplan

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