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Solutions  >  Manage & Promote My Floorplan  >  Event Control Panel
Solutions  >  Manage & Promote My Floorplan  >  Event Control Panel

You can do a better job when you have full access, and that's what we give you. Keep your show updated to-the-minute by using our web-accessible control panel.

  • 24/7 access to edit your floorplan, show information, exhibitors and sponsors
  • Works in any modern web browser
  • System is built to be easy to find what you're looking for and easy to navigate
  • No additional software to buy or download
  • Always being updated and improved based on client feedback

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Fast Access, Full Control

The event control panel gives you fast access to all parts of your show. Our interface is built with consistent formatting throughout, high contrast between editing areas, large buttons, and helpful notes to speed up learning and using the system.
Questions (3)
  • Q: I have a Mac/Win/Linux machine that's brand new/very old- is it compatible with the editor?

    The system can work with any web browser that came out no earlier than 2008 and has Flash Player installed. As long as your Mac/Win/Linux machine has an up-to-date web browser, you'll be fine.

    Q: Do exhibitors fill in their own profile information, or do I?

    If you're using the exhibit sales tier, exhibitors will fill in their profile during checkout. If you're using the Exhibitor Plus! tier add-on, you can invite exhibitors to fill out the additional information on the profile. If you're not using exhibit sales or the Exhibitor Plus! tier, you will need to edit the exhibitor information yourself.

    Q: How long does it take for a change to appear for attendees?

    Changes appear instantly. The only time this is not the case is for the mobile floorplan. That is the one piece that needs to be republished when making changes. But users will see the new floorplan instantly after it is published.

"It was so reassuring to know that you didn't have to wait for days to get an answer from the support team."

Diane Killian

Foundation for Douglas County Schools

"It has saved me so much time over the way we used to do it"

Becky Ravenkamp

Conference Coordinator - Hi Plains No-Till Conference

"You guys are one of my favorite partners for your speed, knowledge of the system and responsiveness!"

Anne-Sophie Whitehead

Conference Director - American Distilling Institute