Solutions  >  Manage & Promote My Floorplan  >  Map Embed & API
Solutions  >  Manage & Promote My Floorplan  >  Map Embed & API

Do more with your show by embedding the map into your website or by using our data services API to integrate into your own apps.

  • Embed the map into your existing website
  • Choose how the embedded map responds when accessed by different device types
  • Integrate the floorplan with an existing mobile web app
  • Embed the exhibitors directory into your website
  • Use our open API to allow 3rd party developers to share data between your application and Map Dynamics
  • Control access and permissions using a point-and-click extensions control panel

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Map Embed Manager

Use the Embed Manager to create embed code to use the map on your own website or any other website. You can use the public view or the registration view. You can even determine how the map responds when your website is accessed by a mobile device.
Questions (5)
  • Q: Is my data open to the public?

    By default, no. The API has two levels of access. Basic data access just requires an API Key that is unique to your show and needs to be included with each call. Adding or changing your data requires an authentication process with the API to verify permission has been granted.

    Q: What formats is data available in?

    Data can be returned in JSON, XML, or a serialized PHP data object.

    Q: Is there documentation on how to use the API?

    Yes. Within our control panel you will have access to a general API usage manual as well as access to all individual services and how to use them.

    Q: Can I embed my map on multiple websites?

    Yes. Embed it into as many sites as you'd like.

    Q: Can I embed your map into my emails?

    You can certainly try, but (standard embed formats) are typically not supported by most email clients. We don't impose any limitations.

"I do not know how I would ever run my shows with out it! I actually wouldn't!!!"

Linda Jo Thornberg

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Casey Hiner

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"Making changes and updates has never been easier or quicker"

Ann Rogers Farran

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