Build great products.

We are building the best interactive floorplan and event app software we can.

We firmly believe in being excellent at a few things rather than good at several things. We know the value of teamwork between businesses. We work to play nicely with other platforms and build partnerships with other strong organizations.

Hire nice people.

We have a team of supportive, patient, and friendly people.

Our company culture emphasizes the importance of good communication, empathy, patience, and gratitude. We take care of you, our clients, because without you we have no company. As we grow and our industry changes, we will always work to adhere to a core value of being good people.

Provide reliable service.

Our goal is to help small staff organizations run better events by creating great software that is accessible, easy-to-use, and reliable.

We price our software fairly. We encourage, appreciate, and incorporate your feedback. We participate in events that use our software to experience it first-hand. We review our support requests for common problems to work on preventing them. We do all of this so you will continue to be impressed with and rely upon our work.

But why do this at all?

Bottom line: Events support communities.

Whether it's personal interests or professional endeavors, events bring people with similar interests together. In addition to the local economic impact of vendors and attendees visiting a community, there's tremendous value in the personal and professional growth experienced from connecting with new people, finding new opportunities, or learning something about your industry.

And we get to be an important part of that.