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Feature Profile

Feature Profile

Orders & Invoices

Order management and invoicing to make the booth sales process easier on your organization.
  • Fully customizable payment and ordering process
  • Create and edit orders and invoices
  • Send and resend invoices for payment or enter payment online directly
  • Integrated with several payment gateway options
  • At-a-glance sales totals reporting
  • Export all orders, payments, and purchased services

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Order Manager Dashboard

The orders and invoices dashboard provides a full list of orders, open orders and abandoned/pending orders. At-a-glance sales statistics as well as a quick link to the download manager.

"The system is very easy to use and affordable"

Yalonde Tanner

Deputy Director, Conferences and Tradeshows - Georgia Municipal Association

"Map Dynamics is the best option for our expos."

Kyle Michaud

President - Experience Expos

"This makes selling a booth to a new exhibitor a breeze."

Laurette Veres

Producer - Bridal Extravaganza Show

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  • Can I invoice in batches, or do I have to generate each invoice one at a time?

    You'll have to create invoices one-by-one, but you can batch send open invoices or a group of invoices at once.

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New Feature
Feature Update
Bug Fix

May 2017

Order export update

The orders export has been updated to allow individual totals and the final order total and balance to be excluded from the export file.


April 2017

Order Export updates

The order export now includes a breakdown of the individual  order pieces: Fees, Discounts, Services, and Booths Totals appear in the downloaded report.

January 2017

Invoicing on mobile bug fixed

We were informed of a bug whereby the credit card expiration date was not editable on invoices being viewed in mobile.  This has been fixed.

November 2016

Payments export added

We've added a new order payments export button to the order manager.


Order Memos Added

We've added the option for show managers to add an internal memo (admin only) and a customer memo (public facing) to individual orders.  The internal notes are visible in the order manager and the customer memo is visible anywhere an order profile can be seen.

June 2016

"Send-All" for orders with open balances

You can now send a payment request to every exhibitor with an open balance on their account at once in the order manager.

March 2016

Show Managers can manually enter payments for invoices

Directly within the order manager control panel you can go directly to the payment page for any open invoice to manually pay on behalf of the exhibitor.

February 2016

Orders export update

Added additional fields to the orders export:  payment status and transaction id.

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