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Direct: 888-526-5542 (ext. 1)

Feature Profile

Feature Profile

Multi-Event App

Eliminate the hassle and added cost of producing a new app each year, or even mutliple times per year with the multi-event app. One download provides easy access to all past, present, and future events. Easier to remember and less hassle for you and your members.
  • Includes all your past, present, and future events
  • Push notifications
  • Any events currently on the Map Dynamics system automatically included
  • Any events added moving forward automatically included
  • Add external links to events not on the Map Dynamics platform to provide a more complete list
  • New features automatically included as we improve the app
  • Customizable Theme

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All Your Events

One click access to see any upcoming, current, or past event directly from the opening screen.

"You guys are one of my favorite partners for your speed, knowledge of the system and responsiveness!"

Anne-Sophie Whitehead

Conference Director - American Distilling Institute

"It's definitely worth the investment"

Amy Rodriguez

Conference Director - Affiliate Summit

"a user-friendly product that helps create a smoother tradeshow"

Jennie Nesspor

Manager, Events and Administration - Georgia Association of Convenience Stores

Questions (3)
  • Do you support both iOS and Android devices?

    Yes we do! In fact, on the URL version we support every type of smart phone and tablet as long as it has a modern web browser. For downloadable apps we support the Apple and Google Play stores.

    What is the turn-around time on getting an app into the store

    In general, we have experienced 3 to 8 day turn-arounds on review and approval from Apple and Google. We can't guarantee a timeline due to Apple's review process, but we can ensure from the time we have all of your materials necessary to build the app, we can have it submitted to the store for review within 48 hours or less.

    So just to confirm, I only pay once and every new event I have on the Map Dynamics platform is automatically included in the multi-event app?

    Yes, that is correct. One payment, one time, unlimited events.

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April 2016

Special Character Handling

We learned of a problem where special characters in exhibitor descriptions, when copied from an external source, were causing updates to exhibitor profiles not to be saved.  This has been fixed.

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