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Feature Profile

Feature Profile

Interactive Floorplan & Editor

Keep your exhibitors, attendees, and sponsors up to date on floorplan changes and booth assignments using our easy-to-learn, online map editor.
  • Work directly in your browser from any internet-capable desktop or laptop
  • Easily add and remove booths
  • Resize, rotate, split, and move
  • Add custom pricing, change booth colors, and mark for sale
  • Assign one or multiple exhibitors per booth
  • Snap-to-grid for clean placement

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Map Public View

A fully interactive map of your event designed to look nice and be very functional. Zoom in/out, drag & drop, rotate, click on a booth, search exhibitors, print the map, and many more features.

"it makes selling and managing booths so much easier"

Vanessa Leeds

Hi Events, Australia

"Map Dynamics has truly made my job easier as an Exhibit Manager"

Casey Hiner

Meeting Architect - Kinsley Meetings

"Everyone loved the new system."

Tiffini Countaway

General Conference Facilities Coordinator - United Pentecostal Church International

Questions (7)
  • Is there any software to install?

    No. As long as you have the Adobe Flash plugin installed, you can use any modern web browser on a desktop or laptop machine.

    How often can I make updates?

    As often as you'd like. You have complete control to make as many updates as often as you need. Need to change a booth assignment 5 minutes before the show starts? Have at it!

    How soon will I be able to see my updates?

    For the desktop, all changes are seen immediately. For the mobile web app, the only change that requires a second step is to republish the floor plan for mobile. This requires clicking one button in your Event Control Panel.

    I'm tired of chasing exhibitors down for X piece of information. How can Map Dynamics help me with this problem?

    If you have the Exhibitor Plus! tier turned on, you can invite each exhibitor to edit their own profile information through the access control manager. You can also limit the level of access each exhibitor has, just in case you don't want them to have access to every feature.

    I have a Mac/Win/Linux machine that's brand new/very old- is it compatible with the editor?

    The system can work with any web browser that came out no later than 2008 and has Flash Player 14 installed. As long as your Mac/Win/Linux machine has an up-to-date web browser, you'll be fine.

    What save/undo features does it have?

    As you're editing, the floorplan auto-saves changes periodically. If you make a mistake in moving or splitting a booth, there is an undo button. We also have a "booth snapshots" feature that allows you to take a snapshot of all the current booth placements, colors, assignments, and sizes. At any point in the future you can revert to a previous layout. You can even save the current one before restoring a previous snapshot just in case you want to undo the switch back.

    About how long will it take me to make my map?

    Good question. We do the initial setup and deliver the map at the point where you should only have to make edits. Clearly, the number of edits you'll need to make will dictate how much time, but the heavy-lifting has already been done by us.

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February 2017

On-demand high-res exports, automatic mobile publishing

We've starting launching new features on the 4th edition of our map editor. 

The first feature are on-demand high-res exports.  Need a high-res version of your map, now you can choose to export a 1x, 2x, or even up to 10x the size of your map image directly through our newest editor.

The second feature is an update to simplify the process of publishing the mobile map.  Everytime you hit "save updates" in the editor it will save the booth updates and publish the mobile map version.

July 2016

Booth numbers display on exhibitors list

On the exhibitors list display on the desktop, you now have the option to control whether or not booth numbers display next to each exhibitors' name.

April 2016

Additional international support added

We've added an additional language set to accommodate European English and we've added meters as a unit of measurement for the map editor.

February 2016

Additional colors on booth types

Within the template booth types list, instead of being limited to one color per booth type, you can now choose a color for occupied and a separate color for unoccupied.

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