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Feature Profile

Feature Profile

Exhibitor Plus!

Exhibitor Plus! is a powerful revenue-generating feature for you that is simple to implement, easy to manage, and creates greater overall value for the entire event experience.
  • Add as an upsell during booth sales
  • Give exhibitors access to edit their own profiles
  • Set your own price for additional features
  • Full admin control over who has access and to what features
  • Added Features: Booth personnel, products & services, videos, contact form
  • Export all personnel
  • Customize tab names or completely hide



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Expanded Profile Features

Exhibitor Plus gives you a way to promote your exhibitors beyond the standard profile. Add videos, documents and links, services, booth personnel, social media links, and a contact form.

"The system is very easy to use and affordable"

Yalonde Tanner

Deputy Director, Conferences and Tradeshows - Georgia Municipal Association

"the system works really well for us"

Geoff Barnett

Sales Manager - Expo and Sampling - Competitor Group Inc.

"Map Dynamics is the only product to use...Period."

Brad Nolan

US Dive Shows

Questions (3)
  • I'm tired of chasing exhibitors down for X piece of information. How can Map Dynamics help me with this problem?

    If you have the Exhibitor Plus! tier turned on, you can invite each exhibitor to edit their own profile information through the access control manager. You can also limit the level of access each exhibitor has, just in case you don't want them to have access to every feature.

    Do exhibitors fill in their own profile information, or do I?

    If you're using the exhibit sales tier, exhibitors will fill in their profile during checkout. If you're using the Exhibitor Plus! tier add-on, you can invite exhibitors to fill out the additional information on the profile. If you're not using exhibit sales or the Exhibitor Plus! tier, you will need to edit the exhibitor information yourself.

    What if I buy in at the basic tier and decide later that I want Exhibitor Plus!?

    Not a problem. It's easy to add on and we'll walk you through the access manager and how to get started.

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February 2017

Now you can add custom fields to your exhibitors table

Need to request or store more information about your exhibitors?  Now you can add an unlimited number of additional, custom fields to the exhibitors table for admin-only or exhibitor entry.

Its included with the Exhibitor+ tier and accessible in the Exhibitor Settings menu.

Custom fields are also available in the records export module.

June 2016

Exhibitor Orders Dashboard

Exhibitors now have access to see, print, or resend orders from any show they are part of.  They can also pay online any orders with an open balance.


Exhibitor Emailer

Need to bulk email all exhibitors on your show?  Now you can do that with the Exhibitor Email Center.

Exhibitors can see invoices

Now when an exhibitor logs into the system, they will be able to see immediately whether or not they have any outstanding invoices and can pay them directly through the admin.


April 2016 SIM Integration

We've integrated the SIM (Server Integration Method) as a more PCI compliant payment option for our customers.

March 2016

Booth personnel can represent multiple companies

Added to the booth personnel record is the "Company" field that allows multiple companies to be represented within one Exhibitor profile.  Booth personnel export has been updated to reflect this change.

Expanded social media options for exhibitors

Expanded the available social media options on exhibitor profiles to include Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.  API services have been updated as well.

January 2016

Access granted to individual features

Previously in the access manager exhibitors only had the option of having a 'basic' or 'advanced' profile.  Now the show manager can assign access to any or all the individual features available in Exhibitor Plus!

Access control manager - direct links

Added a way for show managers to copy and send a direct link to the Exhibitor Plus! profile creation program.  This was done to alleviate issues where exhibitors weren't getting emails invitations due to spam blockers.

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