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Feature Profile

Feature Profile

Exhibit Sales

Buying booth space at your event will be a breeze for your exhibitors. Extensive flexibility allows you to customize the process to fit your needs.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways, including:, PayPal, PayFlow Pro, Sage, Moneris, Moola
  • Multiple checkout scenarios allow you to control booth assignments
  • Custom messaging and questions during checkout
  • Multiple payment scenarios including percentage deposit, full payments, and discount codes
  • Sell additional services, booth add-ons, exhibitor upsells
  • Order confirmation emails and receipts sent to you and the client
  • Use the order manager for order adding, edits, and exporting

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Registration Setup

Set up registration the way you want. Keep it simple or implement a very customized purchase process.

"Map Dynamics' customer support is excellent"

Tina Bocheff

Director of Strategic Partnerships - East Bay Rental Housing Association

"It's definitely worth the investment"

Amy Rodriguez

Conference Director - Affiliate Summit

"The system is very easy to use and affordable"

Yalonde Tanner

Deputy Director, Conferences and Tradeshows - Georgia Municipal Association

Questions (3)
  • What additional services/upsells/add-ons can I sell?

    The options are limitless. You are given the opportunity to sell anything you'd like during the booth sales process. Items like carpet, power, sponsor opportunities, raffle tickets, etc.

    I'm tired of chasing exhibitors down for X piece of information. How can Map Dynamics help me with this problem?

    If you have the Exhibitor Plus! tier turned on, you can invite each exhibitor to edit their own profile information through the access control manager. You can also limit the level of access each exhibitor has, just in case you don't want them to have access to every feature.

    Do exhibitors fill in their own profile information, or do I?

    If you're using the exhibit sales tier, exhibitors will fill in their profile during checkout. If you're using the Exhibitor Plus! tier add-on, you can invite exhibitors to fill out the additional information on the profile. If you're not using exhibit sales or the Exhibitor Plus! tier, you will need to edit the exhibitor information yourself.

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Recent updates for this feature

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New Feature
Feature Update
Bug Fix

March 2017

Exhibitor Checkout Fields update

We've added the ability to turn off fields during the exhibitor checkout.  For instance, if you don't want users entering a website, twitter, or Facebook link, you can turn them off.

October 2016

BluePay has been added!

We have added BluePay as a payment processor to our exhibitor checkout and invoicing system.

September 2016

Order Discount + Percentage Deposit issue fixed

It appears order deposit percentages were being calculated on the order totals prior to applying discounts.  This has been fixed to calculate the deposit correctly based on the updated order totals.

Shekels have been added

We've added Shekels to our list of currency symbols available during checkout.


May 2016

Elavon Gateway Integrated

We now offer the Elavon gateway as a payments option for checkout and invoicing.

April 2016

Booth Reservation Codes

Need to hold a booth for a specific vendor, now you can!  You have the ability to reserve a booth using a reservation code that must be entered at the time of purchase.


March 2016

Discount code and additional services updated

We learned of a bug in the order manager that allowed discount codes to be added to an order multiple times.  This has been fixed.  Additionally, if a sellable service price was entered with the additional currency symbol it caused errors in the addition.  This has been resolved as well.

Added in general booth quantity discounts

These are discounts that are separate from the booth tier pricing and separate from the discount codes.  These will apply during booth checkout automatically if the quantity minimum is met.

February 2016

Booth tier pricing fixed

There was an issue with booth tier pricing applying incorrectly for the "exhibitor select choices / show manager finalizes assignment" selection.  This has been fixed and the quantity discounts program updated.

Additional booth personnel sales added to checkout

Added a new step in the booth sales process to sell additional booth personnel even if Exhibitor Plus! is included with the booth.  Paired with this are booth personnel limits tied to a general system limit or individual booth type limits.

Multiple booth purchases, Show Manager finalizes

Now a show manager can allow an exhibitor to select multiple preferences for their first booth AND multiple preferences for a second, third, and so on.  Show manager still has the power to finalize all assignments.

January 2016

Display of custom registration questions within exhibitor profile

When purchasing a booth online, show managers have the option to ask exhibitors custom-defined questions.  The answers to these questions previously only displayed within the order profile in the order manager but have been added to each individual exhibitor's profile under a new "Administrative" tab.

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