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Feature Profile

Feature Profile

Event Control Panel

You can do a better job when you have full access, and that's what we give you. Keep your show updated to-the-minute by using our web-accessible control panel.
  • 24/7 access to edit your floorplan, show information, exhibitors and sponsors
  • Works in any modern web browser
  • System is built to be easy to find what you're looking for and easy to navigate
  • No additional software to buy or download
  • Always being updated and improved based on client feedback

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Fast Access, Full Control

The event control panel gives you fast access to all parts of your show. Our interface is built with consistent formatting throughout, high contrast between editing areas, large buttons, and helpful notes to speed up learning and using the system.

"Map Dynamics has truly made my job easier as an Exhibit Manager"

Casey Hiner

Meeting Architect - Kinsley Meetings

"You guys are one of my favorite partners for your speed, knowledge of the system and responsiveness!"

Anne-Sophie Whitehead

Conference Director - American Distilling Institute

"Their map program is first class, right along with their customer service"

Sam Stevenson

P4P Expo

Questions (3)
  • I have a Mac/Win/Linux machine that's brand new/very old- is it compatible with the editor?

    The system can work with any web browser that came out no later than 2008 and has Flash Player 14 installed. As long as your Mac/Win/Linux machine has an up-to-date web browser, you'll be fine.

    Do exhibitors fill in their own profile information, or do I?

    If you're using the exhibit sales tier, exhibitors will fill in their profile during checkout. If you're using the Exhibitor Plus! tier add-on, you can invite exhibitors to fill out the additional information on the profile. If you're not using exhibit sales or the Exhibitor Plus! tier, you will need to edit the exhibitor information yourself.

    How long does it take for a change to appear for attendees?

    Changes appear instantly. The only time this is not the case is for the mobile floorplan. That is the one piece that needs to be republished when making changes. But users will see the new floorplan instantly after it is published.

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March 2017

Admin Control Panel - Multiple updates!

We've put a lot of work into the admin recently and have launched several productivity-focused updates.

These features apply to sponsors, sponsor levels, booth types, links and documents, sellable services, discount codes, exhibitor categories, speakers, schedule tracks, and schedule sessions.  They do not include exhibitors (yet)

Multiple-Record Edit
- You can now select multiple records at once by using the checkboxes on the left and clicking the edit button at the bottom of the list.

Duplicate Record

- Within any of the above records, while editing an individual record you now have the option to duplicate that record and begin working on it immediately.

Advanced Search

- For any record set above 100 entries there is a new, advanced search that allows you to search across multiple fields.



January 2017

New Event Dashboard

We have launched a new event dashboard where we intend to add more quick-convenience features, system alerts, and product updates as we expand its functionality.

October 2016

Multiple booth editor updates

We've added three new features to the multiple booth editor.  You can not delete all booths from your map, remove all exhibitor assignments, or remove all booth numbers at once. 

July 2016

Custom exporting reporting

We've added a system to build a custom export of your exhibitors, booths, and personnel.  You can choose which fields to download with a variety of filtering options.

March 2016

Turn on / off exhibitor profile tabs

Within the exhibitor profile display, show managers can now hide individual tabs from displaying.

February 2016

Bulk logos uploader created

Created a bulk-logos uploader for show managers to more easily upload and associate logo images with their exhibitor list.  Show managers can now drag and drop a collection of image files into a upload box and after they are uploaded, quickly select an exhibitor per-image to assign a logo to.

January 2016

Exhibitor profile display settings expanded

Show manager can now hide individual fields from displaying in the exhibitor form and the exhibitor profile view on the desktop and mobile app views.

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