Direct: 888-526-5542 (ext. 1)
Direct: 888-526-5542 (ext. 1)

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Regular people doing great work

Our team is a collection of talented and dedicated individuals in Athens, Ga. While we all have busy and eventful personal lives, we come together every weekday to help clients accomplish more.

Aaron Campbell: Sales & Accounts

Amanda Cook: Production Manager, Business Development

Chris Sikes: Sales & Accounts

Matt Hannum: Support Manager

Remington Rehklau: Sales & Accounts

Melissa Gogo: Marketing & Outreach

Cameron Kelly: Developer (Internet Wizard)

Stephanie DuQue: Production Team Member

Laura Beth Evans: Client & Sales Support

Jeremy Minnick: Founder, Product Development

We've made a lot of progress

23 countries, 1700 shows, 170,000 exhibitors, 7,000,000+ visits, over $39,000,000 in online registration and we're certain we've just scratched the surface.

This is a (slightly stylized) picture of a map that hangs in our office. It's in our lobby and it's there to remind our team that even though we're a software company, we're having a real impact and helping show managers all over the world.

We're very happy doing what we do and are proud of our accomplishments. Map Dynamics started as one person with an idea for a better system for event mapping. And by better, we mean - a company that focuses only on delivering the best mapping and booths sales experience possible and not throwing it in as just another module or add-on.

Whether you are an existing customer or just taking some time to read through our website - thank you. We look forward to helping you with your next event.

Our Values

It's important to stand for something. In all cases, we try to lead by example and be good people.


It is through the understanding of our limitations combined with our lofty goals that we devote our attention to being resourceful in our software design and our methods of problem-solving.


We are proud enough to put our name on every piece of work we produce. We are strong enough to invite criticism and question to every aspect of our business and our work. We are secure enough to admit our faults and shortcomings. We are smart enough to be honest and direct with every client we work with, even in the face of opposition.


We are a software and service-based business that focuses on people and recognize the trust they give us. It is through our constant attentiveness to and presence with our clients that we maintain that trust.


As some of our clients will attest, we do not give up when we encounter an obstacle. If there is one important thing that we have learned from building our business from the very bottom rung it is that nothing worthwhile has come without focused effort.

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