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  • Are You Dealing with Meeting Crashers?

    • August 22, 2014

    Like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers, meeting crashers are becoming more prominent during association events and conferences. People have started to network at bars and hotel lobbies surrounding conferences. Those interviewed for a recent article cited reasons such as cost of hotels and travel, on top of registration fees, for why they didn’t pay to attend the conferences. read more.

  • What Bruno Mars can Teach Us About Audience Engagement

    • August 21, 2014

    At Bruno Mars’ recent concert in Denver, he managed to keep 7000 people engaged for his entire 75 minute concert. He took his audience on an emotional journey, kept them involved, and finished strong. These are just a few of the lessons to be learned from that experience which can also be applied to bettering your attendee engagement at conferences. read more.

  • Three Cities Team Up for More Meetings

    • August 20, 2014

    Baltimore, San Antonio, and Anaheim, California have teamed up to boost their convention business and provide meeting planners with a one-stop destination in all three cities. The three cities will be working together to cross-promote each other’s locations and services. These particular cities were chosen based on geographic diversity and the tourist attractions that they provide. read more.

  • An Interview with John Graham

    • August 19, 2014

    In an interview with Association Adviser, John Graham, president of ASAE The Center for Association Leadership, talks about technology, association pay, and diversity among associations. He describes his ideas for the future of associations and states that demographics, technology and communication will continue to have profound effects on all associations. read more.

  • Mixing Experts with Nontraditional Sources

    • August 18, 2014

    With the rise of social media, we’ve learned that masses of previously unheard people can be great sources of knowledge and we’ve started to be skeptical of so-called experts. There’s no longer one source for wisdom, but experts aren’t obsolete, either. The best thing to do is to find a balanced mix of so-called expert knowledge and nontraditional sources of information. read more.

  • Tips for Making Your Conference a Cant-Miss Event

    • August 15, 2014

    Sarah Holliman, VP of marketing for SIG, along with its Manager of Operations Kim Parisi, shared more than two dozen ideas at the 2014 ASAE Annual Conference. Six of these are discussed in detail to show a mix of practical and strategic ideas. Keeping these tips in mind can create a memorable and must-attend conference for attendees. read more.

  • A Look into Associations Social Media Strategies, Part 4

    • August 14, 2014

    The fourth in a series of interviews with association social media managers, Meico Whitlock, Senior Manager, Communications, at NASTAD, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors, talks about organization of people and tasks in his department. He was the first dedicated communications manager at NASTAD and now does a little bit of everything every day. read more.

  • Connecting Your Members is a Great Habit

    • August 13, 2014

    Adam Grant, professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, spoke about doing daily introductions of members at the 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Nashville on Sunday. He spoke about this in the context of “five-minute-favors,” and these five minute connections, on a daily basis, could make a huge impact on your member services. read more.

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