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  • Its Time to Give Thanks to Your Members

    • November 26, 2014

    With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we’re all probably thinking about that for which we are thankful. As an association executive, don’t forget to be thankful for your members. The relationship that associations have with their members is unique and it’s a great time to thank for what they do for you association. Here’s five reasons to be thankful for your members this year: every year, 80 percent of members come back, members believe in your mission, members are their own product, members are a dedicate niche in a world of a million niches, and members volunteer. read more.

  • Rethinking Your Email Marketing

    • November 25, 2014

    Email marketing has been a staple for so long that it may seem like it’s an area where there is no room for expansion or new ideas. But really, there are many opportunities to reach new levels with your email marketing. The sphere is changing and some ways to keep up are by using the human voice rather than an institutional one, using newer tools and rethinking your design, and rethinking the nature of your email communication. With new tools such as Google’s Inbox, it’s all about changing things up and finding what helps your emails stay relevant and successful. read more.

  • 4 Ways to Edit Your Meetings

    • November 21, 2014

    The word “edit” should no longer only pertain to writing, but should be brought into the meetings world. All meetings could use a good editor. Attendees are looking for an experience that is personal, unique, and successful. There are many ways that you could “edit” your conference experience to even better serve your attendees, but presented are four distinct areas in which that editing could be most beneficial. These aspects of your meeting include your audience, educational sessions, marketing tactics, and your meeting and tradeshow design. read more.

  • Government-Focused Tradeshows Declining

    • November 20, 2014

    The meetings industry as a whole has seen growth over the past years, but those that rely on government attendance are seeing the opposite. The continued decline of these meetings, including the recent announcement of FOSE, an event for government technology employees, not returning for 2015, shows the lingering effects of the sequestration-related budget cuts and the restrictions on government employee meeting attendance. Attendance at tradeshows targeted to government employees was down 30% this year. Some groups are trying to combat this decline by splitting their large annual meetings into a few regional meetings. read more.

  • Understanding Status and Time as Member Motivations

    • November 19, 2014

    Members have varying motivations to join and engage with an association. Recently, Knowledge@Wharton has shared some research that could highlight two new motivations and help associations build their member experience. This first part of the research shows that those who fall in the middle of the “status hierarchy” are more likely to adopt a new product or service as a status symbol. The second set of research demonstrates that focusing on time leads to greater happiness than focusing on money. read more.

  • Allowing Self Interest in Associations

    • November 18, 2014

    The phrase “what’s in it for me” is often regarded as blasphemous among association staffers and volunteers. We want to think that everyone is participating out of altruism and nothing more. The truth, though, is that everyone has some personal motivation for their engagement. Taking the time to assess these personal motivations can lead to more successful work and products. Peter Platzer, CEO of a tech startup named Spire, is a great example of a successful implementation of listening to employees motivations and goals. read more.

  • 2014 Holiday Trial Offer

    • November 17, 2014

    Waiting for the right time to give ExpoRep a try? This is the chance you've been waiting for. Until the end of December 2014, we're offering a trial of ExpoRep to new clients with a free 1-year license ($600 value). Pay the build fee only and you can have your show floorplan up and running for 12 months. ...read more.

  • 4 Things to Expect from Association Meetings in 2015

    • November 14, 2014

    Articles and trend reports are already looking at 2015 and what can be expected from association meetings in the coming year. Four major forecasts can be pulled out of these reports to give us a good idea of what we’ll be looking at. One of the biggest things facing association meetings in 2015 will be rising costs. Costs across the board are set to rise at a higher rate than budgets making for a more difficult year. Other forecasts to be prepared for are the growing importance of end-to-end event management and continuing food and beverage trends. read more.

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