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Geoff Barnett, Sales Manager - Expo and Sampling, Competitor Group Inc.

"We started working with Map Dynamics about 9 months ago. They are great and the system works really well for us. I would recommend it to anyone in our industry."

Tina Bocheff, Director of Strategic Partnerships, East Bay Rental Housing Association

"This software allows you to access your event floor plan from any device, and make changes to both the layout and exhibitor location with ease, in an instant. Not only that, you can send a link to your floor plan to prospective exhibitors, they can see what spaces are available, and can either reserve a space themselves, or provide you with their top couple location preferences, and then you can control the final plan.

The cost of using this software is minimal, and immediately offset by both the time savings and the ability for vendors to sign up and pay for the event at their leisure (in other words, independently of me). Map Dynamics’ customer support is excellent, and I highly recommend you consider this product for your next expo."

Amy Rodriguez, Affiliate Summit Conference Director

"We've worked with Map Dynamics since 2011 and have been very happy with their product and their customer service. The maps always turn out great, exhibitors love them and it saves us a bunch of time. It's definitely worth the investment. They're always open to new ideas and suggestions which is awesome. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service."

Vanessa Leeds, Hi Events, Australia

"I absolutely love working with this program, it makes selling and managing booths so much easier. Very easy to use, looks brilliant and your staff are fantastic! Our clients love their new live floor plans too, thank you! Highly recommended."

Brad Nolan, US Dive Shows

"This program works fabulously. Map Dynamics is the only product to use...Period."

Tiffini Countaway, General Conference Facilities Coordinator, United Pentecostal Church International

"I just wanted to let you know that we opened our exhibit space registration on March 10th with 56 available booth space for purchase and we sold out March 31st!!! Everyone loved the new system."

Keely Yates, Executive Director, SCSAE

"I found the entire process - from the sales interaction to training and utilization of the application to be cost effective and easy to use. SCSAE plans to use the map to continue to market the show to our members and attendees after the event."

Greg MacPherson, Canadian Motorsports Expo

"It's been a fantastic tool for organizing the show and selling space. Being able to share a 'live' plan internally and with our customers has proven extremely beneficial and has saved us a ton of time."

Chez Harper, Los Angeles Fitness Expo

"We received compliments on the interactive floor plan from at least 100 exhibitors. Probably more. So thank you for an excellent program. We are so happy with it!"

Becky Ravenkamp, Hi Plains No-Till Conference Coordinator

"This map has been great!! It has saved me so much time over the way we used to do it, I am very happy."

Jane Anne Sutphin, Manager of Membership & Communications, Georgia Society of Association Executives

"ExpoRep and the team at Map Dynamics are a fantastic combination of innovation and client support, providing a product that is as easy to use as it is impressive to look at. The map helps organize our tradeshow in a clear way, allowing exhibitors and attendees alike a preview of the show. Jeremy and his team are so easy and fun to work with! They’re great to follow-up and continually ask for ideas/ways to improve their product."

Casey Vanderham, Meeting Architect, Kinsley Meetings

"Map Dynamics is one of the most user friendly systems I have found for floor plan software. The customer service received after signing up goes unmatched by any other systems I have used. Map Dynamics has truly made my job easier as an Exhibit Manager and helps to promote and sell booth space with the interactive floor plan I can deliver to my vendors."

Ann Rogers Farran, Director of Marketing and Membership, Tallahassee Society of Association Executives

"Map-Dynamics is affordable, easy to use and their staff is always responsive and professional. Our online floor plans using Map-Dynamics now look great, and making changes and updates has never been easier or quicker. TSAE highly recommends Map-Dynamics tools and services for any trade shows and expos."

Yalonde Tanner, Georgia Municipal Association Deputy Director, Conferences and Training

"I have used Map Dynamics and their ExopRep system for 3 years now and have already started using the system for 2014. This system helps not only my exhibitors but my attendees and members can visit the show all year. The system is very easy to use and affordable, and the team is always responsive to any trouble I have. I highly recommend giving it a try if you have a trade show to plan and don't have an army to help plan it."

Kristin Lawrence, Exhibit Manager, NJ State League of Municipalities

"Map Dynamics hosts a simple, comprehensive and straight forward platform for our interactive online floor plan. I can easily make changes and additions at any time; this reduces inaccuracies and presents the most up to date version of our floor plan. All of the functions are very easy to navigate and anyone can learn the system! Thank you for making a user-friendly, cost effective and great product!"

Sam Stevenson, P4P Expo

"I would just like to thank Map-Dynamics for their services. Their map program is first class, right along with their customer service. I do not know of too many account managers (Noah) that would answer their phone on Saturday night and provide technical support for an hour, he is awesome. Two things that I love about their Map program: 1. The ability to make changes and to customize booth layout and exhibitor information is remarkable. 2. The finished map that appears and functions on our web page is truly professional. Thank you Map-Dynamics."

by ExpoRep MapDynamics