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Product Updates: Exhibitor Access for Tracking Statistics, Post Order API, and More

New product updates are something you've come to expect from Map D and November is no different. Here's the rundown:


General Product Updates

  • NEW!  Post-Order-Confirmation API integration workflow - this workflow, when turned on, allows the Show Manager to send the details of an order and the exhibitor that purchased to a third-party URL for custom handling. Sending to Zapier, for instance, would give show managers the option to have that order and exhibitor information get sent to a custom Zapier flow that may integrate with outlook, Google sheets, Quickbooks, all kinds of options. This setting is available in the Registrations Settings Tab as is illustrated in the header.
  • Schedule Check-ins are now available for Ongoing events.
  • New Settings: Profile Tab Names - A new set of settings allows event managers to edit the tab names on the speakers and schedules tab.
  • The "Dashboard Message" is now an HTML editor - many of our pro users were already utilizing HTML and embed codes to customize the event dashboard, and now that's even easier to do.
  • If the background color of the event is darker the items search bar is faded white instead of faded black.
  • A new %Homebase% replacement field has been added to the Attendee Emailer.
  • The Attendee Emailer has the fancy emailer wrapper on it now - White labels do not.


Exhibitor Profile Updates

  • "Listed Order" added to Exhibitor Products and Services tab - exhibitors can now control the order of their product and service listing in addition to them automatically sorting in the order of upload.
  • "More / Less Detail" has been added to the Exhibitors List - attendees can now toggle more or less info in the marketplace.
  • The vertical sizing of Exhibitor Listings in the marketplace have been made mostly the same size - the only difference will be in a vendor is a sponsor.  Those profiles will be a little taller (but we think standing out is a good thing).
  • Sorting A to Z and Z to A has been added to the Exhibitors Listings - Speakers and Attendees Listings, too.
  • Notification Updates: There are now THREE times when a chat notification gets sent out:
    • A new chat started by the attendee - notification sent to the Vendor
    • First Response by the Vendor - notification sent to the Attendee.
    • If a gap of at least 20 minutes exists between the currently posted message and the most recent one - sent to the other party (Vendor or Attendee)
  • The chat notifications are now inside the fancy Map D email wrapper (if not whitelabeled) and the chat message is in the email along with the Attendee's information.
  • If not more than 8 records, the on-page search doesn't appear in the Marketplace.
  • NEW Toggle All On/Off switch for categories.

"Stats" has been added a new feature in the Exhibitor Account Manager. When turned on, there is a new "Stats" panel available to the exhibitor.

Visitor Tracking Updates (and Exhibitor Stats updates)

  • Visitor Tracking (and individual tabs) - we've changed the "7 days before, 7 days after" to be just the show dates and made the chart a bar chart.  It's easier to read.
  • Bookmark downloads now include the Attendee email (where available).
  • "Stats" has been added a new feature in the Exhibitor Account Manager - When turned on, there is a new "Stats" panel available to the exhibitor.
    This is the first version, and we have plans for Contact Form and Vendor Chat stats to be added to this section next.

Take a peek as Austin runs through a quick overview of the new stats offering for exhibitors.

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