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Managing Attendee Access to your Content

The content you provide at your event is valuable.  Limiting access can be complicated depending on the situation and the needs of the event.  Our system is built to provide a variety of access scenarios to meet this need.

Four primary ways to limit access to your content.

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1. Restrict access to all content for everyone.

If you want to limit access to anyone but those that are attending your event you have two primary options:

- Limit access by creating a single password that is given to everyone.
- Limit access to only the attendees that are listed in your Attendees List.

2. Restrict access to only the schedule for everyone.

Similarly to above you can limit access to either everyone using a single password or just your logged in attendees. You can also specify that the restrictions only apply to the schedule portion of your event and not the entire event thereby leaving the marketplace and sponsors, for instance, available to the public for ongoing promotion.

3. Restrict access to portions of the schedule for all attendees

In the case where you have a mix of scheduled events that are available to the public as well as some that are limited to paying participants, we offer you more control.

Content in the schedule is grouped by "track" and per track you can set it's own access limitations.

- Grant access to only logged-in attendees and hide all content for this track
- Grant access to only logged-in attendees and hide only the video links and resources for the events in this track.

4. Restrict access to portions of the schedule except for specific attendees

Using the settings on both the individual tracks plus the new Attendee Access Manager, you now have the option to specify tracks that are only available to specific attendees.

When a track has been marked as having this specific access restriction it appears in the Attendee Access Manager so you can assign it to the appropriate parties.

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