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NEW! Attendee management, access restrictions, and much more.

New Features

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Attendee Access Manager

Built to give you more control over Attendee presentation, security, and access to the content on your event.

What can you get done with the Attendee Access Manager?
- Create an account and send an invitation to all your attendees at once
- Reset the login password on behalf of your attendees
- Determine what content per attendee profile is visible
- Grant individual attendees the ability to be discussion hosts
- Lock the account of any problem attendees
- Grant individual attendees access to specific schedule tracks

Attendee Emailer

The Attendee Emailer makes it easy to bulk email your attendees.

What can you do with the Attendee Emailer?
- Use any email templates you've created to send updates to your attendees
- Include their individualized login information and a link to your event
- Include any links and documents you've added to your event.

Attendee and Schedule Access Controls

8 new content access restriction options have been added to Map Dynamics' Event Home Base that give you more control. You can lock the entire event down with a single password or drill all the way down to limiting access to a specific track for specific attendees.

To learn more click here

Attendee Completeness Check

The Attendee Completeness Check provides you with a quick way to see which attendees are missing any content you think is important.

What can you do with the Attendee Completeness check?
- Review attendee accounts for just the fields you feel are important
- Quickly edit only the missing fields across all your attendee accounts.

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