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New! Automated Profile Checking

Today we're launching a new feature called the "Profile Completeness Check" that allows show managers to see at a glance which exhibitors have incomplete profiles and then simplify the process of collecting that information.  This gives show managers a simple way to request missing pieces from each exhibitor at once, or fill in the missing pieces themselves, quickly.

Key Features

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Edit in Place

From the full view of who is missing what, click the 'Update Profile' link next to any exhibitor to edit just those missing fields right there. No need to navigate back to each, individual profile.

Choose Fields

You get to choose which fields you want to check again. All fields within the exhibitor table are available to review.

Request Missing Parts

Quickly notify all your exhibitors of the parts they are missing by sending an email to them.

Only exhibitors that are missing pieces will receive the email and only the pieces they are missing will be mentioned.

(requires Exhibitor+ tier)

Schedule Email

Send the email now or schedule it for later.

For instance, you can schedule a "completeness check" email 5 days before the day, 10 days before the show, and 30 days before the show to ensure they get plenty of notice and you don't have to follow-up yourself.