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Learn Why a T-Shirt May be Your BEST Promotion

    • February 26, 2012

    Looking for an idea for an upcoming tradeshow?  Have you ever considered a tee shirt?

    Tee shirts have always been an effective vehicle to get attention to a brand, product or message.  Like walking billboards, your message will be carried not only throughout the trade show floor but beyond. 

    A well designed tee shirt will be worn over and over again.  The print area of a tee shirt provides you with the opportunity to create a message with a lasting impression.  Where other promotional product items may be seen by dozens of people,  a tee shirt will be viewed by possibly thousands in its lifetime.  It is definitely one of the most cost effective products for “views per (your) dollar” that is out there.

    The secret is creating a tee shirt that will be worn.  Unless you have a very dynamic message, limiting your message to a single black imprint on a white shirt may get your shirt worn on a Saturday but it will probably be to clean house, not to go dancing.   You need to create art that is attractive and eye catching.  Have you ever walked towards a person and wanted to read their tee shirt?  That’s what you are aiming for.

     With the advance of digital printing, you are no longer limited to just the left front chest.  The entire body of the shirt is now available for printing.  Include that opportunity with the rainbow of tee shirt colors available and you can create an army of advertising agents walking the street for you!

    Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  This can get expensive.  You’re right it can, if not done properly.  Here are some tips to help keep the cost down.

    1)      Quantity – Order as many you can.  Figure out where else you can use the shirts - Employee give aways; additional trade shows; customer gifts;  company picnics; community events, etc.

    2)      Tee Shirt Brands – Don’t get stuck on one particular tee shirt label.  There are multiple vendors who produce great tee shirts.  Like the stock market, tee shirt prices vary from week to week.  Have your supplier provide you with label options.

    3)      Timing – Give yourself plenty of time.  Rush charges will blow a hole in your budget.

    4)      Use a professional – If you don’t have a good promotional products vendor, find one.  You can order these online but if there is a problem, you’re stuck and your money goes down the drain.  A professional can save you time and money while keeping your anxiety level to a minimum.  They do this for a living.  Take advantage of their expertise.

    If you wondering if tee shirt advertising really works, check out a crowd of people.  Count the number of printed tee shirts you see.  They are everywhere.  Better yet, check the closets at home!

    Good luck at your next show.

    Linda Minnick has over 13 years in the promotional products industry.  She is the owner of Qualified Partner Resources, a business service company specializing in marketing, promotional products and other business services.  Feel free to her contact at or 678-367-3459.


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