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Product Updates

Product Updates

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May 2017

Sellable services updates!

We've added a few new features to the sellable services offering within the booth sales modules:

1.  You can now group services by any category you decide.  For example, 'Sponsorships' or 'Booth Services'
2.  Inventory control allows you to limit how many of an item can be purchased.
3.  You can specify dates for when a service becomes available or unavailable for purchase.
4.  Order confirmations and print-outs only display the purchased services.
5.  You can add a custom accounting code to services for export and use in local systems.

Order export update

The orders export has been updated to allow individual totals and the final order total and balance to be excluded from the export file.


Booth Personnel Sales Updates

When exhibitors log in to update their profile, if you have registration turned on and the ability to purchase booth personnel, this option is now present before the exhibitor has reached their limit.  Instructions and information about their current standings have also been added to make this feature easier to use.

April 2017

Updated Exhibitor Dashboard Configuration Options

We've updated the exhibitor login display.  If an Exhibitor has open order balances that you'd like to hide from their view (because maybe you handle open balances in a separate system), you can now hide them from displaying in the Exhibitor dashboard.

You also have the option to hide open orders in the Exhibitor view entirely.

Order Export updates

The order export now includes a breakdown of the individual  order pieces: Fees, Discounts, Services, and Booths Totals appear in the downloaded report.

March 2017

Rupees have been added

Rupees have been added as a currency display option during exhibitor checkout.

You can add up to 10 exhibitors into a booth

Due to popular demand, we've expanded the number of exhibitors you can have in one booth from 6 to 10.


Admin Control Panel - Multiple updates!

We've put a lot of work into the admin recently and have launched several productivity-focused updates.

These features apply to sponsors, sponsor levels, booth types, links and documents, sellable services, discount codes, exhibitor categories, speakers, schedule tracks, and schedule sessions.  They do not include exhibitors (yet)

Multiple-Record Edit
- You can now select multiple records at once by using the checkboxes on the left and clicking the edit button at the bottom of the list.

Duplicate Record

- Within any of the above records, while editing an individual record you now have the option to duplicate that record and begin working on it immediately.

Advanced Search

- For any record set above 100 entries there is a new, advanced search that allows you to search across multiple fields.



Exhibitor Checkout Fields update

We've added the ability to turn off fields during the exhibitor checkout.  For instance, if you don't want users entering a website, twitter, or Facebook link, you can turn them off.

February 2017

Now you can add custom fields to your exhibitors table

Need to request or store more information about your exhibitors?  Now you can add an unlimited number of additional, custom fields to the exhibitors table for admin-only or exhibitor entry.

Its included with the Exhibitor+ tier and accessible in the Exhibitor Settings menu.

Custom fields are also available in the records export module.

Version 4.1.1 Released! On-demand high-res exports, automatic mobile publishing

We've starting launching new features on the 4th edition of our map editor. 

The first feature are on-demand high-res exports.  Need a high-res version of your map, now you can choose to export a 1x, 2x, or even up to 10x the size of your map image directly through our newest editor.

The second feature is an update to simplify the process of publishing the mobile map.  Everytime you hit "save updates" in the editor it will save the booth updates and publish the mobile map version.

January 2017

Mobile links for 3rd parties

We've updated our mobile platform to allow individual sections to be included directly into 3rd party apps without also including the native menus and navigation.  Meaning you can now include your exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, schedule, or floorplan content from our app into a 3rd party app without duplicating navigation or causing conflicts with the 3rd party app.

You can find the direct links for embedding into the Mobile Settings editor under the Show Setup and Settings tab in the admin.


Invoicing on mobile bug fixed

We were informed of a bug whereby the credit card expiration date was not editable on invoices being viewed in mobile.  This has been fixed.

New Event Dashboard

We have launched a new event dashboard where we intend to add more quick-convenience features, system alerts, and product updates as we expand its functionality.

December 2016

Customizable Reporting is here!

We now offer a deeper dive into exhibit sales reporting.  Along with building out some system standard reports, you can create any number of custom reports from our library of reporting modules.


November 2016

Payments export added

We've added a new order payments export button to the order manager.


Order Memos Added

We've added the option for show managers to add an internal memo (admin only) and a customer memo (public facing) to individual orders.  The internal notes are visible in the order manager and the customer memo is visible anywhere an order profile can be seen.

Multiple Event App Launched!

We've created a new multiple-event app that allows our clients to purchase an app once that will contain all past, present, and future events on the Map D system.

October 2016

Multiple booth editor updates

We've added three new features to the multiple booth editor.  You can not delete all booths from your map, remove all exhibitor assignments, or remove all booth numbers at once. 

Map Embed Preview

Within the Web Extensions panel we've added a preview button.  Now clients can see what their embed code will likely look like when added to their website.


Booths search on mobile fixed

A problem was found with the booths search on mobile.  This has been updated.

Schedule bugs fix

We found that when you search the schedule the session time did not display.  This is fixed.

The print feature was only printing what was visible on the screen.  This is fixed as well.

BluePay has been added!

We have added BluePay as a payment processor to our exhibitor checkout and invoicing system.

September 2016

Order Discount + Percentage Deposit issue fixed

It appears order deposit percentages were being calculated on the order totals prior to applying discounts.  This has been fixed to calculate the deposit correctly based on the updated order totals.

Speakers importer created

We have finished the development of the speakers importer and added it into to the admin.

Shekels have been added

We've added Shekels to our list of currency symbols available during checkout.


Schedule importer created

We have finished development of a schedule importer for the speakers and schedule component of the platform.

Tracks filtering update on Mobile

On the mobile app you can now filter the schedule view based on specific tracks.

July 2016

Booth numbers display on exhibitors list

On the exhibitors list display on the desktop, you now have the option to control whether or not booth numbers display next to each exhibitors' name.

Custom exporting reporting

We've added a system to build a custom export of your exhibitors, booths, and personnel.  You can choose which fields to download with a variety of filtering options.

June 2016

Exhibitor Orders Dashboard

Exhibitors now have access to see, print, or resend orders from any show they are part of.  They can also pay online any orders with an open balance.


Exhibitor Emailer

Need to bulk email all exhibitors on your show?  Now you can do that with the Exhibitor Email Center.

Exhibitors can see invoices

Now when an exhibitor logs into the system, they will be able to see immediately whether or not they have any outstanding invoices and can pay them directly through the admin.


"Send-All" for orders with open balances

You can now send a payment request to every exhibitor with an open balance on their account at once in the order manager.

Feedback Reporting

We added a robust set of session feedback reporting options to view post-event.

May 2016

Elavon Gateway Integrated

We now offer the Elavon gateway as a payments option for checkout and invoicing.

Sponsor Levels added

We've added a way to distinguish sponsors between varying levels on the Mobile App display. 

Map Embed updated

Due to popular demand, we've updated the Map Embed feature found in the Web Extensions panel to allow users to turn off specific features from the embed.  For instance, if you want to just embed the schedule or just the list of Speakers - now you can!


April 2016

Special Character Handling

We learned of a problem where special characters in exhibitor descriptions, when copied from an external source, were causing updates to exhibitor profiles not to be saved.  This has been fixed.

Additional international support added

We've added an additional language set to accommodate European English and we've added meters as a unit of measurement for the map editor.

Mobile Web app updates

Our new schedule and speakers tier has been fully integrated into the mobile web app. SIM Integration

We've integrated the SIM (Server Integration Method) as a more PCI compliant payment option for our customers.

Booth Reservation Codes

Need to hold a booth for a specific vendor, now you can!  You have the ability to reserve a booth using a reservation code that must be entered at the time of purchase.


March 2016

Speakers & Schedule display errors fixed

We noticed an overflow issue on the speakers bios and the schedule that caused a problem in viewing all the content.  This has been fixed.


Mobile App Updated

The mobile app has been updated to mirror all the features found on the desktop version for Exhibitor Plus.

Discount code and additional services updated

We learned of a bug in the order manager that allowed discount codes to be added to an order multiple times.  This has been fixed.  Additionally, if a sellable service price was entered with the additional currency symbol it caused errors in the addition.  This has been resolved as well.

Show Managers can manually enter payments for invoices

Directly within the order manager control panel you can go directly to the payment page for any open invoice to manually pay on behalf of the exhibitor.

Turn on / off exhibitor profile tabs

Within the exhibitor profile display, show managers can now hide individual tabs from displaying.

Booth personnel can represent multiple companies

Added to the booth personnel record is the "Company" field that allows multiple companies to be represented within one Exhibitor profile.  Booth personnel export has been updated to reflect this change.

Added in general booth quantity discounts

These are discounts that are separate from the booth tier pricing and separate from the discount codes.  These will apply during booth checkout automatically if the quantity minimum is met.

Expanded social media options for exhibitors

Expanded the available social media options on exhibitor profiles to include Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.  API services have been updated as well.

February 2016

Bulk logos uploader created

Created a bulk-logos uploader for show managers to more easily upload and associate logo images with their exhibitor list.  Show managers can now drag and drop a collection of image files into a upload box and after they are uploaded, quickly select an exhibitor per-image to assign a logo to.

Booth tier pricing fixed

There was an issue with booth tier pricing applying incorrectly for the "exhibitor select choices / show manager finalizes assignment" selection.  This has been fixed and the quantity discounts program updated.

Additional booth personnel sales added to checkout

Added a new step in the booth sales process to sell additional booth personnel even if Exhibitor Plus! is included with the booth.  Paired with this are booth personnel limits tied to a general system limit or individual booth type limits.

Orders export update

Added additional fields to the orders export:  payment status and transaction id.

Additional colors on booth types

Within the template booth types list, instead of being limited to one color per booth type, you can now choose a color for occupied and a separate color for unoccupied.

Multiple booth purchases, Show Manager finalizes

Now a show manager can allow an exhibitor to select multiple preferences for their first booth AND multiple preferences for a second, third, and so on.  Show manager still has the power to finalize all assignments.

January 2016

Display of custom registration questions within exhibitor profile

When purchasing a booth online, show managers have the option to ask exhibitors custom-defined questions.  The answers to these questions previously only displayed within the order profile in the order manager but have been added to each individual exhibitor's profile under a new "Administrative" tab.

Access granted to individual features

Previously in the access manager exhibitors only had the option of having a 'basic' or 'advanced' profile.  Now the show manager can assign access to any or all the individual features available in Exhibitor Plus!

Exhibitor profile display settings expanded

Show manager can now hide individual fields from displaying in the exhibitor form and the exhibitor profile view on the desktop and mobile app views.

Access control manager - direct links

Added a way for show managers to copy and send a direct link to the Exhibitor Plus! profile creation program.  This was done to alleviate issues where exhibitors weren't getting emails invitations due to spam blockers.

Speakers & Schedule has launched

We're excited to launch a new tier to the Map Dynamics platform.  The Speakers & Schedule tier will allow a show manager to create a schedule with full session profiles and speaker bios.  To learn more visit the Speakers & Schedule page.

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