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4 Trade Show Strategies for Effective Lead Follow-Ups

    • May 7, 2013

    We’ve discussed before how even the most brilliant trade show strategies in the world can be wasted simply by failing to follow-up on leads.  You know that your work is really just beginning when the trade show ends.

    However, how do you ensure that your follow-up team is making the most effective use of the leads they are given?

    The quality of their efforts is directly tied to the quality of the information they are given.

    Therefore, you must develop trade show strategies prior to your exhibit to make sure you’re giving your sales team the qualified information they need to make conversions.

    Here are four trade show strategies for effective follow up (post trade show):

    1. Create a lead form that is organized, easy-to-understand, and easy to utilize. Several weeks before your trade show exhibit, you should discuss the goals of your company in terms of leads with your team. Designate one or two people to create a lead form that your booth staff will use to collect vital information. These forms should have a clear space for every piece of information that your sales team will need to close a sale. They should also be structured in such a way that your staff can easily jot down information, even if the conversation doesn't quite go in the order planned.

    2. Designate a lead management team. Even during the trade shows, information must remain organized to be effective. Leads should be categorized by the booth staff that collected the information, and then organized by the lead management team before transferring them back to the office. Every lead should have a sales person assigned to them as soon as is possible, and there should be people who are responsible for sending out follow-up packages working toward making that happen sooner rather than later.

    3. Get your follow-up materials ready before you leave for your trade show exhibit. Are you sending letters to your leads? Type up a form letter to use. You can personalize it later if you want, but have something ready. Are you sending information packets, promotional items, or literature? Get the estimated amount of packets you’ll need together before time, with extras on-hand in case you are more successful than projected. Doing so will create a no-excuse situation for getting those follow-ups out in a timely manner.

    4. Have a set schedule for activating project Follow-Up. You don’t want to pounce on your leads the moment their plane lands back at home…they will have a bit of catching up to do from being away for a few days. However, you don’t want them to get cold, either. Time the mailing of any packages so that they will arrive to your leads approximately one week after the contact was made. For phone and email follow-ups, schedule a day or two 7-10 days after the trade show to make the calls—and then stick to the schedule!


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