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Where Is The Best Trade Show Booth Location?

    • September 23, 2012

    Selecting the best trade show booth location can be a very daunting task for someone who is inexperienced with the logistics and traffic flow patterns of a trade show.  

    This means, identifying and securing the best locations for your trade show booth will require a bit of planning, thinking, and understanding of the dynamics of trade show floors.

    One might think the best place to setup your trade show exhibit is at or near the front door?  

    However, experts would adamantly disagree with this concept because the entrance and exit is typically right near the front of the tradeshow.  

    This area is typically heavily congested and the people that are gathering in these locations are either just walking in for the first time, or are ready to leave - both of which is not conducive to generating strong leads for your business.

    One interesting known fact about traffic flow through a trade show is that people in the United States will tend to flow down the right side of the trade show first, and people in Europe may flow down the left side of the trade show first.  

    These habits are believed to formed naturally as a result of driving habits - what side of the road people are used to driving on in the United States (right side) and Europe (left side).

    So if you are an exhibitor at a trade show in the United States, for example. one ideal location would be the right hand side and further down from the main entrance to the trade show.  

    Likewise if you are an exhibitor in Europe - somewhere down along the left hand side would be most ideal.

    So what are some strategic areas within a trade show that you are aware of that are known sweet spots for your booth?


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