Twitter 101: During the Trade Show

During your pre-show Twitter conversations, you'll start to build a list of followers that are interested in your company's participation at the show. As stated in the previous blog, keeping a conversation going is the most important way to build and maintain these followers. By the time the show rolls around, they're interested and attentive, so you don't want to leave them hanging!

It's important to keep this conversation going throughout the trade show so you can maintain the relationship you've formed with your followers through your tweets prior to the show. Continuing to tweet during the show will maintain this relationship as well as keep followers' attention, spark new interest and incentives and give them insider perspective on products and events at the trade show. Here are some tips to for your mid-show tweets:

Know Your Purpose

Before going to the show, decide the purpose of your tweets. In other words, what are you trying to achieve? Are tweeting to simply inform your followers about the show or your company? Or do you have other intentions such as to sell a product or to further push your brand?

Set a Goal

After asking these questions and defining your purpose, establish a goal to help you stay focused. For example, if you are tweeting with the intent of providing information about your company, set a goal to inform over 500 people about your company's new product. Another goal may be to gain 100 more followers during the show.

Setting a goal will provide direction about what content to tweet and will help you stay focused and consistent in a fast paced event.

Be Concise with your Content

Twitter only allows 140 characters, so be sure to keep your tweets concise and to the point. For instance, if a speaker is presenting, tweet the main details, such as the presentation time, his name, company and presenting topic. Staying concise allows you to operate in real time and get information out quickly.

If you have bigger idea that can't be condensed into 140 characters, save it for a recap post or a possible blog entry. Stay focused on getting out quick bits of information to keep your followers constantly updated.

Alternative Ways to Discuss Content

If you can't cut down on words without losing the overall message, there are alternative ways to post content, such as posting a link to a picture or website.

This strategy can cut down on long tweets and also offer different insight for your followers. Varying your tweets will keep your followers attentive and also will help you manage complicated content effectively.

Offer Perspective with your Tweets

You have the chance you provide behind the scenes perspective for your virtual attendees. Be sure to report your content but also provide some kind of angle on it to give some insight. One of the best ways to provide a real time experience to your followers is to include direct quotes from speakers or presentations. For instance: Speaker Prof Smith says "this new piece of technology will change the future of medical research." It gives real time coverage and allows your followers to identify more with the show and the presenter.

Nail your Tweets the First Time

With such a fast paced event, you are constantly updating content as well as trying to pay attention to your environment. This constant and quick flow of events leaves little room for error so be sure your tweets are correct and properly edited the first time you post them.

This accuracy is a big factor in showing your followers your awareness and competence as a source for event information.

Be Attentive to your Virtual Audience

Don't get too caught up in the event and forget about who you're there for! Pay attention to questions directed towards you and questions your followers may ask. Every so often poll your audience and ask for their opinions and what they would like to hear about.

Give Some Incentives

Twitter followers love a contest, deals or anything that will benefit them directly and instantaneously. Throughout the duration of your show, offer prizes for followers that respond to your post or question within a certain amount of time. You can also tell your audience about other contests or deals at the trade show.

Offering incentives will keep your audience attentive and possibly recruit some to visit the show.

Tweeting at an event involves accurate reporting as well as successful multitasking. Click the home button every so often to refresh your twitter page so you can stay up-to-date with your followers' responses. Also, use hashtags to make it easier for your followers to find the event and also stay organized.

Next Week's Post

You have to finish strong and be remembered, so next week we will be discussing what you need to do to keep your show in everyone's mind for next year.